Where To Buy Testing Kits For Mold

Places like Amazon are excellent to find mold test kitsIf you are wondering where to buy testing kits for mold of course, buying online is one option. Fast easy and simple. You can also try your local home hardware stores. Places like Ace should also have them.

Video On How To Test The Air For Mold

As you likely know, certain molds are very dangerous and can cause many mold related exposure health problems.

But not all molds.

In some cases, it is very wise to enact a mold testing plan and a mold prevention plan. Learn more with my other article about mold test kits and other related information.

Here’s a great article that discusses the mold home testing kit, the dangers of household mold and some treatment option.

Detecting Black Mold in the Home – Signs, Dangers and Treatment

Though less common than other species, this toxic variety is not rare, and can cause life-threatening health problems. That’s why it’s so essential to determine the species as quickly as possible, as black mold detection must be dealt with promptly.

Signs of black mold are numerous, the most prevalent being those that are water-related as it needs moisture in which to grow. Leaky pipes, a leaky roof, a damp basement or attic, condensation, flooding, blocked gutters that cause water to seep into the walls or any other kind of water intrusion certainly create mold-friendly environments.

Areas with high humidity and buildings with poor ventilation are also prime locations for growth. In the most severe cases, black mold can even be fatal. Those most vulnerable include people who already have weakened immune systems, as well as children and the elderly.

To prevent your home and health from reaching this destructive point, use a professional mold home testing kit for early black mold detection. That way, if you do have a problem, you can start the treatment process right away.

You should begin treatment by first resolving the moisture problem. If it’s a leaky pipe, fix it. If it’s flooding, dry out the area completely. Then seal off the area with plastic sheeting duct taped on doorways and air vents to prevent airborne spores from spreading throughout the house or building. For the same reason, turn off the air conditioning or heater.

To clean the area, we suggest the complete and organic mold removal kit  – put on a mask, rubber gloves and clothes that cover as much skin as possible – preferably old clothes you can simply throw out with everything else when you’re done. If the mold is completely dry, lightly mist it with water, as dry spores are more likely to become airborne.

This mold video was made by someone who is getting sick from black mold exposure.

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