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Are Mold Testing Kits Really Needed?

Mold testing kits can test either the air or surfaceMold testing kits may not be a subject in the forefront of your mind but it may be important, even if it is not something you think about very often.

The question is, do you really need a test kit for household mold? You may have your suspicions due to some ill effects but can’t quite put your finger on it. Is it mold?

This article and web site is devoted to answering questions on the subject of mold testing, safe mold killing and the removal of molds . When you may need testing for black mold or other types of fungi and when you will not need such a test. Finally, I’ll address and review some of the mold test kits on the market today.

Mold Testing Kits – Do I Really Need A Mold Test At Home?

Most of us are not aware or even realize that we could be succumbing to the dangerous effects of inhaling mold spores

A Bit About Symptoms Of A Mold Allergy

Not all molds are dangerous. Not all molds are toxic. Some molds are toxic to us in general whether we are allergic or not. Some molds, like black mold or Stachybotrys, create what are called metabolites. These metabolites are what actually produce the dangerous toxins. They are known as mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are easily able to get airborne. If you or your family members are breathing black mold spores and mycotoxins, you can become very ill. Exposure can cause serious health hazards. It is the exposure to these toxins; through the breathing of mold spores or contact with the skin that can cause mold-related allergic reactions.

Symptoms of allergies to mold can include:

•    Chronic skin conditions
•    Difficulty in breathing
•    Respiratory and lung problems
•    Red watery eyes
•    Sinus problems and nasal drip
•    Constant sneezing and or coughing
•    Itchy painful rashes
•    Even asthma

Symptoms of a mold allergy can include sneezing - and so can food. Some tests help to narrow it downIndeed, real mold allergies are very serious. Additionally, problems associated with exposure to these “bad” forms of mold can also include neurological problems and even in some cases death. Some people who die or become seriously sick from these molds never report smelling the mold or even seeing the mold in their home and work place.

When Mold Testing Kits Are Not Recommended:

1. As mentioned, the effects of breathing mold spores, black mold mycotoxins can cause all sorts of allergies and uncomfortable health problems. However, if no one in the business place or your home is symptomatic, testing for black mold and other mold species is not always recommended.

2. If you can actually smell the musty moldy scent produced by molds or if you can see the mold growing somewhere in your house, then you probably don’t need a mold testing kit to tell you that you have mold.

Mold Testing Kits | When It May Be A Good Idea To Test Your Home For Mold

1. If you or your loved ones are indeed experiencing allergies, sneezing, severe headaches, watery eyes and eye irritation and have ruled out the dog, the cat or other allergen possibilities, you may need to do a home test for mold and mildew.

2. If you are facing a legal scenario and need to verify the presence of mold in a school, office, home or work area, mold testing kits and testing for black mold could prove helpful

To keep mold from reappearing after you have used the mold testing kits, you need to do a few things. Most importantly: you are going to have to keep water and moisture, mold’s life source, from standing in or around your home. Removing the mold that is growing in your home or building is another story that would require an additional 1,000 characters. I’d suggest reading this site: on how to kill black mold and prevent it from coming back safely. There are natural, organic mold cleaning products available today, which is fantastic. If however, the mold growth is in an area of more than 30 square feet, mold remediation may be needed.

Mold testing kits can make you aware of the amount of mold in the air at your work place or in your home. These kits can accurately test molds and even identify different types of molds you may be dealing with including testing for black mold.

There are a number of mold testing kits on the market. Most major hardware stores carry different types of test kits for mold You can try Ace, Wal-Mart and K-Mart. You can also locate kits for home mold tests online at TestCountry and places like Amazon.

Mold Testing Kits – Two Types Of Testing For Mold

Mold sample under microscopeMold tests generally come in a couple of formats:

1) Surface Testing and 2) Air Testing

Most will recommend that if you are testing for mold, you should try to get a few samples that include the air and a surface area. Given the variety and limitless possibilities of possible mold exposure, this decision will ultimately depend on each situation.

Recommended Mold Testing Kits

If you need to buy a mold kit and test your home or workplace, there are two kits that come with high marks and are recommended.

1.    IAQ Test Kit w/ AIHA Accredited Lab Analysis  Mold Testing Kit With Lab Report

2.    ProLab w/Optional Lab Analysis (extra $30 fee) Household Mold Test Kit

3.    Kidde Mold Testing Kit w/Optional Labs ($20 per test) Mold Testing Detection Kit

Mold Testing Kits suggests The Home Owners Guide To Mold bookAnother good resource? A Great Book: The Homeowner’s Guide to Mold

It is important to know what your home is not telling you. A home cannot stop you at the front door and tell you what hazards may lie waiting for you inside. Utilizing mold testing kits or testing for black mold under the right circumstances can help you to identify potentially harmful species of mold early on.

Though not always needed, mold tests can provide critical information. Knowledge and prevention methods can then work hand in hand to solve the mold problem in your house, school or office.

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